Department of agricultural economics and extension service

The global economic development of the 21st century faces many challenges, including developments in food-, energy- and environmental security, and the role of innovation (industrial revolution and digitalisation) in the economy and society. These questions are closely linked to the analysis of the agro-food industry, the food chain and even agribusiness. As a result of global megatrends, we can expect different consumer preferences and in addition to mass production demand for healthy, high-quality food products will increase in both developed and developing regions. In response to expanding consumer demands, natural resources are constantly decreasing in the face of climate change. For agricultural economics, the teaching and research of these factors will gain importance. In the future, efficiency, quality, food security and food safety, bioeconomy, natural resources and environmental protection will be leading topics in education. In order to increase the efficiency of knowledge transfer, the department also considers research and education on rural extension methodology for the agri-food industry as a mission.

Head of department
Prof. Dr. H.c. Popp, Józse
Corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
full professor