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Welcome to the Institute of Agribusiness!

The Institute of Agribusiness is a major research and teaching department of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences and was fouded in 2020. Our goal was to establish an institute according to the leading international trends to focus on the theoretical and empirical research and education of food chain economics including agricultural and regional economics, rural development, extension service and food chain management.We are very proud of our past professors and scholars who are known for their pioneer role in the agricultural and regional economics in Hungary.

We are responsible for several study programs and collaborating with numerous international research partners. Our students won numerous awards for their excellence. The Institute of Agribusiness consists of three departments based on the functions of agribusiness: Agricultural Economics and Extension Service, Regional Economics and Rural Development, Food Chain Management. We offer partnership to all of our internal and external stakeholders. The Institute of Agribusiness addresses the contemporary issues related to regional and agricultural economics, extension service, rural development and food chain management in order to serve the students, the teaching staff, the research, and the economy simultaneously.

Our study programmes include:

  • BSc rural development
  • MSc in rural development
  • MSc in regional and environmental economics
  • Trust management, specialized training
  • BSc in food retail
  • MSc in food economics and logistics

Prof. Dr. H.c. Popp, József
Corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Director of the Institute, full professor


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Director of Institute: Dr. Popp József
Administration: Dr. Bártfainé Vincze Zita (e-mail:
Address: Szent István University, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Institute of Agribusiness
2100 Gödöllő, Páter K. u. 1.
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