Department of food chain management

The activity of the department includes four main fields:

  1. Activities in higher education within the frame of undergraduate engineer (BSc), graduate engineer (MSc) and doctoral (PhD) programs. Our major task is to deliver management-and business administration knowledge and to develop course materials in Hungarian and English languages in the field of horticultural production, food processing and training nutrition professionals. Our aim is to provide our students with up-to-date knowledge and tools that will give the graduates the possibility to become successful business managers, entrepreneurs and efficient public servants.
  2. Organising and implementing specific training activities for graduates working in fields connected to food chain and gastronomy. Furthermore, we offer learning opportunity for those who are already working and wish to gain more knowledge supported with up-to-date tools in the light of life-long-learning program.
  3. Academic research: our department is a determining intellectual centre for agro-economic research in East-Central Europe. The focal point of our research is the large-scale application of modern qualitative and quantitative methods, particularly the application of dynamic system modelling, network analysis and experimental auctions in order to understand laws governing food economy.
  4. Consulting activity. one of our goals is to promote the proliferation and application of academic knowledge -accumulated at the department- in close cooperation with different international organisations, governments, municipalities and with competitive as well as civil sector participants. We are partners in all efforts, contributing to the practical realisation of UN Sustainable Development Framework Program.

Head of department
Prof. Dr. Lakner, Zoltán, DSc
full professor